Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Writers Have to Actually Write.

Writers Have to Actually Write.
If you fancy yourself a writer, remember, it's only okay to think about writing, talk about writing, and read about writing, if you are also actually writing.
Ideas not coming to you? Ideas too malformed? Just write anyway. Write anything. Describe your blank mind, describe your blank paper or screen, describe how you hate writing when you don't know what to write. Write the monologue of the laundry screaming at you to be washed, write your inner dialogue that insists/resists writing. Write the plot of your worst day, write the plot of your best day, write the plot of your ideal day. Write the words the wind is speaking, write about how stupid it is that I suggested you write about the words the wind speaks, write about how you'd like to hear the wind speak.
Writing these things is great practice; if you can find the way to describe a unfinished concrete floor you are doing much to perfect your craft, and one day, someday, this writing will lead to a story forming in your head.
How do I know these things? Been there - done that (often).

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